Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16

Emma doesn't like the bath. She and Faith have been wandering farther and farther from home. I will spare you the details of some of the treats they bring home. It requires Emma to have a good washing, so you can just imagine.

This is a source of great frustration for me. Frustration does not mix well with a path to freedom. So tomorrow, I am putting up a fence. It is an "invisible fence" that I purchased when Emma was a puppy. It was unnecessary to install it right away since she basically stayed in my pocket. Now that she is getting older and becoming more and more the wanderer, I'm going to have to fence the poor thing in.

I have a plan. I actually sat down and planned out something! The project, in my head, should be able to be finished in a day and I've blocked out tomorrow just for this. Details tomorrow.

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