Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 11 ~ Measuring

Distance: 2.98 miles
Time: 48:48
Pace: 16'2o" per mile
Calories 381

4.9 pounds gone this week! Please allow me to explain that this is more than likely water-weight and my body is just adjusting to walking daily. Plus, I happened to have started this little venture at a certain week on the calendar that always adds a few pounds. All that said, it was still completely thrilling to see results like that, water weight or not.

I do not own a scale. Well I do, but it is broken and somewhere in my closet under a pile of shoes and clothes. The only method I have for weighing myself is with my balance board for Wii Fit Plus. This makes weighing-in quite a production. There is this little version of myself that is super excited to get started and be evaluated. I've often wanted to strangle her. She is tiny with a giant head. Anyway, once I step on the balance board the whole process begins. I'm asked if I feel refreshed and if I know that it's been a week since my last body test. I'm told that my balance is slightly askew and to the right, even when I try with all my power to be completely balanced. Then the moment of truth...a pesky munchkin voice repeats over and over "measuring, measuring, measuring", followed by an "all done!" It is at this point when anxiety overtakes me and I want to run away. When everything is calculated I'm shown a scale/bar graph thingy that shows me where I am on the graph. The bar goes up, up, up (along with plenty sound effects to make it even more ostentatious) and I land on my current weight. There are four sections to the graph; underweight, normal, overweight and obese. I've always landed in overweight. The thing about being overweight when being measured by the wii, is that you get to hear that same squeaky chipmunk exclaim, "that's overweight!" as the tiny version of yourself looks at her body in shock like "I'm overweight?? I didn't know!"

Today was a small victory for me. The bar landed underneath the old one and my graph shows a downward facing line. This is good. It's funny how all this technology is prodding me along to get to my goal. I can't tell you how much I love my iPod. The Nike+ app is so great. Today I was doing everything I could to beat my old time...and I did! By two whole minutes! Then it is all neatly logged into my history and I can look back and see how far I've come. Progress. Even if it is one pound at a time, one minute at a time, one small victory at a time.

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