Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 18 ~ Retrogression

As you can see, my turtle has gone backwards by one pound. There are probably many reasons for this. Surely there are scientific logical explanations, but I think Rodney hit it on the head. He happened to be here when I did my body test and asked how I did. "I gained a pound", I said. Then he leaned over and whispered two words in my ear "ice cream". He's lucky I didn't have a gun.

The weight on the scale is just a number, that is why I don't weigh myself shouldn't define me. Other things have started shifting in this department that override my slip on the scale. My clothes are fitting better, I can see more definition in my muscles, and I am feeling much better. There is that old explanation that muscle weighs more than fat and so I guess I can blame the weight gain on that. There is a slim chance that eating ice cream contributed to it as well, but I doubt it.

I will have to keep this entry short. My walking stats are going to have to come later in the day as I'm swamped with house chores... among other things. I should have gone early this morning but I slept till 9:45. I keep a knot in my right shoulder and sometimes it locks up so severely that I can't get relief unless I take a muscle relaxer, which I took last night with a glass of merlot (maybe that was the weight gain). The extra sleep is sometimes beneficial to the body. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's rest and anxious to get back on the loosing side of this weight loss endeavor. It's not a failure, it's just a bump and one that I can hurdle myself over.

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