Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 22 ~ Speed Cleaning

No stats today for both my legs are broken. Not really but I did forget that the second day after a hard strength training workout is usually the worst. I will do Gilad again this evening (heeheehee)

I had planned to spend the day cleaning my house but got sidetracked and decided to try and finish another big project, Rodney's bathroom. I did some looking back at facebook posts because I initially posted the beginning of said project. It has been one stinkin YEAR! The only thing left to do is trim work and I'll be done. Then, my makeshift workshop can be removed from my bedroom. I did get some trim put up but ran into snag after dirty, complicated snag.

Since I was doing construction around the house today, you can imagine how "clean" it was around here. About 5:30 I sat down at the computer, exhausted and defeated when my phone rang. It was Rodney.

Me: Hello.

Rodney: Hey Honey

Me: Hey

Rodney: I just got a call from the appraiser. He said he would be out in about 30 minutes to look at the house and take pictures.


Rodney: yeah, sorry.

Me: click!

I made a loud, official announcement to the squatters and everybody scattered and started cleaning. It was actually pretty impressive. Taylor was the first to get the news and tried to pass the information on to Kyle who was completely confused and wanted to why we were having the house appraised.

I'll step back a moment. As I've mentioned, we are having moderate to severe financial difficulties. The financing on our double-wide-cottage is among the things that needs to be tidied up. When we bought the house in 2000, interest rates were insane and we've paid a small fortune to live here with not much progress on the principal. Our local bank is working with us to get a loan to pay off the house, pay for a new roof to be put on the house (it's 10 years old), and pay off some other untidy debts. All indications are that the loan will go through and we will end up saving a butt load of money over the course of the next decade. Thank goodness. As we've been doing paper work, getting deeds drawn up, paying surveyors and lawyers etc...we knew the day was coming that the appraiser would come. I asked Rodney several times, "will he have to come in the house?" to which he always said, "nah...he'll just look around the outside".
Then I said, "don't you remember when we had our house appraised in Huntsville and they came in and took pictures?" "No, I don't remember that." blah blah

So...I simply asked, "the next time you talk to the appraiser, would you please ask if he is going to need to come in the house?"

The next time he talked to him was this afternoon at 5:30 and guess what?? Yep, he needed to come in the house. So as we all scattered to the winds, emptying dishwashers, scrubbing toilets, making beds, wiping that toothpaste splatter off the mirrors...something miraculous happened. I didn't freak out!! The angels in heaven are singing, I just know it. When I got to the point I needed to quickly run a vacuum over the carpet I remembered that Dad borrowed the vacuum this morning. When I called and told him of our predicament he rushed right over, Rodney too and everybody was helping. Right now, I'm sitting in a clean house. Of course we may have to look under the bed to find the electricity bill and there might just be a hammer in my underwear drawer... but it looks and smells lovely right now.

So, I think I'll go enjoy it for a while. Supper is on the stove and Taylor curled up on the couch watching a movie. I think it's time to join her.

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