Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 8 ~ Confusion

I'm not sure what to post for my stats today. After walking on my treadmill yesterday, I calibrated my workout on the Nike app, figuring that the treadmill was accurate in it's mile measurements. Then this morning when I went around the loop, I returned home to find out I'd walked 4 miles according to the stats on Nike+. I've driven that loop to get the exact mileage and it is right at 3 miles. This just gives me another reason to hate that stupid treadmill, it messed me all up. I shall figure it out so I can post stats...I know you are all dying to know how many calories I burned.

The bottom line for today is, I exercised and ate right, went to bible study, mowed my parents yard, talked with my kids, played with my puppy, ran errands with my husband. Twas a good day. I'm tired.

Peace and love

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