Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 26 ~ Lessons learned

As you can see, my turtle is stuck. The first week's success, I think, gave me a false sense of accomplishment and I slacked off, way off. I've still been walking, I've still been clearing out my head, my heart, and my house. I've been talking to God quite a bit more...but I am going in circles. There has been no "plan" from the beginning, just a change of heart, a decision to do something different and away I went without having the first clue of what to do or how to do it.

Those good intentions aren't getting me anywhere. As much as I hate to do it, I'm going to have to write out a plan and stick to it. Randomly going for walks here and there isn't going to get me in shape. Cleaning out the refrigerator isn't going to make my home more peaceful and serene. Painting my front door red won't make me happy...wait a second, yes it will. This evening and tomorrow I am going to start making myself out a schedule and a plan and I'll share it when it is complete.

For now, I'd like to share what I've learned this week. Take notes if you need to.

1. Even though I trust God immensely with my life, sometimes I find myself petrified of the "what if's" and feel like a frightened squirrel.

2. Harvesting squash from my own backyard is extremely fulfilling and causes me to do the happy dance.

3. Jalapeno jelly is very good with cheese and crackers.

4. Sucking in your gut when you weigh yourself doesn't change your weight.

5. I do NOT want Jillian Michaels to be my trainer.

6. Taylor wants to be Jillian Michaels for the sheer pleasure of screaming in peoples faces while they cry and sweat.

7. I'm afraid of Taylor.

8. I still can't leave cakes, which are meant for events outside the home, out in the open because Kyle WILL swipe his finger through the icing.

9. Running to my room and pulling the covers up over my head to keep from killing Kyle who swipes his fingers through cake-icing is actually quite cathartic.

10. Plunging my bare hands into the earth is a great, simple pleasure.

11. Scrubbing dirt from under my fingernails takes quite a bit of work.

12. If I accidentally put some of Rodney's underwear in his t-shirt drawer it causes a full-scale underwear-inventory event.

13. The phone company will turn your phones off if you don't pay them.

14. It costs 15 per line to have the phones turned back on.

15. We've all become way to dependent on our phones.

16. I have the ability to stop in the middle of chaos and find my happy place.

17. Feeding a puppy pork roast isn't a great idea.

18. Acrylic caulk does not make a good substitute for glue.

19. I'm not wonder woman.

20. I really like my flannel pajama bottoms.

On another note, I will be sending my computer to Apple on Monday. They may have it for up to a week. I will still try to blog from my mom's computer but will also have company so don't call the cops or put out a missing person's bulletin if I miss a day or two.

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  1. Just a little FYI you can send an email to your blog from say your iPod touch and it will be a post. It may take twice as long typing on it but it can be done! On another note I really want to change my other blog which I havent written on in several months to a me weight loss blog and I know I should put a little turttle ticker too. I have not yet done it cause I have not gotten the nerve to put my weight out there for EVERYONE to see. So many many kuddos to you! Keep up the fabulous blogs! Love you! P.S. I probably won't announce when I finally get up the nerve the less people that see my weight the better!!