Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 44 ~ A Hiding Place

It's been one heck of a week. I guess I just thought things were going to get back to normal around here. Normal, what the heck does that even mean, I wonder? My Kyle has always been such an abstract thinker and doer, he has heard me say so many times..."can't you just be normal?" And then I have to go back and wonder what that even means. Typically, it usually suggests boring and I guess that is what I'm after now, some boredom.

During the course of the last two weeks, I have had more people in my house than I think I've had in the whole eleven years I've lived here, combined. Somewhere along the line, I am pretty sure I asked God for just this. More opportunities to be hospitable, more ability to love and serve and He has been overly gracious to me. I had a baby shower here yesterday and was so happy to do it but, being the way I am, I left preparations until the last minute... literally. There were a couple of moments of thinking that I could really let my brain go left and lose my composure. The hight of this angst was when I was trying to find some baby-shower-appropriate attire. Have you ever tried on a shirt that used to fit you well and you assume it still should but it doesn't?? Well, it was in my closet with my arms stuck over my head, tangled up in said shirt that I proceeded to have a tiny breakdown. Luckily, there were people in my house so I couldn't have a full-on nuclear meltdown or I probably would have.

The baby shower, somehow, was a great success. I just kept praying that God would let it be for the mother-to-be. My own baby shower experience was one of those incredible eye-opening, life-changing events and I wanted to pass on the love to somebody else and I was so thankful that God allowed me to do it. It is definitely one of those things that I am looking back on now and seeing where He reached into my life and pulled out a miracle.

So, today, I am hiding in my bedroom. The last of our company is still here but they are busy with hunting and other things. We skipped church this morning and I decided to find some refuge. I put in a bible study DVD, brought my macbook into my room and am camping out on my bed. I have a scorching headache which makes me feel like I have an excuse to retreat, but, secretly, this feels really good. God is my hiding place, my refuge, my strength. Being alone has never been a strength of mine. Perhaps God needed to expose me to an overdose of fellowship so that I could see the great beauty in solitude. And, solitude it shall be for me least until people get hungry, then I'm sure they'll come looking for me.

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