Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day something

I am completely confused about which "day" I'm on but I'll figure it out eventually.

Before all the chaos hit, I was working on a "plan" because my aimless endeavors were getting me nowhere. I thought I could sit down and come up with some kind of strategy on my own but figured out quickly that I'm hopelessly scatterbrained. If I had the money I would most assuredly hire a personal trainer, like a marine drill sergeant. Anyway, admitting that I can't do this alone has been a hard thing to accept but I'm at the surrendering point. I pulled out my old copy of Bob Greene's Total Body Makeover and started reading it. Oddly enough, reading hasn't caused me to loose one stinkin pound. It has motivated me and given me a direction though.

One big issue that has plagued me, besides my inability to commit and my lack of self-discipline, is my ever-increasing osteoarthritis pain. Hauling my butt around that old rocky road left my joints screaming. Even walking and jogging on the treadmill was causing moderate to severe discomfort. Everything that I've read about this horrid malady tells me that I must keep moving. So, I am investing in an elliptical machine which I will pick up today. I found a used one that has been rarely used and is only a year old and got a great deal on it. This will be my main cardio workout, which is in my plan to do at least 5 times a week. I am also planning on beginning a yoga regimen which is highly recommended for people with osteoarthritis.

My doctor started me on a different med yesterday and I'm praying for relief. I've also been researching the best diet for osteoarthritis. It is basically the same diet for anything, lots of fiber and fresh fruits and veggies, avoiding sugar and white flour. One thing I read on the "avoid" list was coffee. I told Rodney this morning that even if I get to where my hands are misshapen claws and I can barely lift my coffee cup, I'll be drinking it through a straw. There are some things that I am not willing to compromise.

I'm sure I'll be blogging about my elliptical experience soon. My poor booty has no idea what it is about to endure.

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