Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 61 ~ Ellie May Goes to the Theatre

Very, very often I express and sum-up situations in my life with scenes from movies. Sometimes it is only in my head but, many times, movie (or T.V. show) lines spout from my lips. It makes sense to me but to those around me, I'm a complete enigma. I've passed on this little trait to my children and we can banter back and forth with ease, making absolutely no sense to the outside world.

This scene played in my head several times on Thursday as I made a theatre trip, not to New York, but to Little Rock. I went with Taylor's drama class to see the broadway play "Wicked". This is not going to be a review-blog, but I just wanted to say how extremely lovely it was. Singing, dancing, lights, special effects, an orchestra for crying out loud... So so incredibly moving. I have only been to a few musicals in my life but never to one of this magnitude.

As we all stood in the lobby awaiting the doors to open, Taylor and I found ourselves embracing each other with anticipation and excitement. The other students looked on as if we were some sort of nuts, but we are not well known for holding our emotions inward. When we found out seats, in the very last row, the excitement became palpable. Just sitting there listening to the orchestra warming up their instruments was moving. The moment the lights went down and music filled the room, I could feel my heart as it swelled and nearly burst with delight. The actors were perfectly splendid, their voices held me spell-bound as incredibly perfect musical tones sprang from their lips. We laughed at the witty banter, were captured by the music, riveted by the gleaming lights, and left the theatre on a cloud.

One thing that I know for sure about this old country girl is that she is very easily amused. However, this form of entertainment could very well become an addiction. I so enjoy my everyday entertainment...the kids, my dogs, my parents, Rodney, a peculiar person at Walmart, the wind through the trees, a perfect pumpkin harvested from my backyard. But to step off the farm for a few hours and be captivated and whisked away to another world full of song and dance... bliss. I am so thankful that I was able to experience such a lovely thing and to have been able to share it with my daughter. You should go... "it wouldn't hair-lip ya"

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  1. Shana's husband got her and I front row seats to see the Billy Elliot Chicago. It was amazing! Shana and I both love musicals, and Wicked is one of our favorites. It always amazes me the talent that some people have (they've got more talent in their left toe than I do in my entire body). Glad you and Taylor enjoyed yourselves!