Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 70 ~ Doctors Orders

I apologize for the photo, I'm just finding that documenting this whole process to be quite interesting and, it's my blog.

Two words come to mind when I see this picture... "Crack Ho". You'll notice that there is still quite a lump behind my knee which I've been assured is completely normal and will diminish over time. I wasn't expecting the bruising on my thigh, but the surgeon actually ran a laser from the back of my knee all the way up there to sever the diseased vein before he pulled it out (pardon me while I swoon and turn green).

As for this little period of healing I am walking through, so far, it's not so bad. I was excused from jury duty this morning since I'm not allowed to sit longer than an hour. So, I've been assigned to house duty. I've also decided to discontinue taking any pain meds because I really would rather deal with the pain than be sleepy and delirious. Although, I haven't had a pain killer since about noon yesterday and I still feel like I could crawl back in bed and sleep and sleep.

The walks I must take throughout the day continue to thrill me. I think this is something I should do forever. I've been taking different routes every time and am surprised at how many new and interesting things I see...even though I've been on this farm for 11 years now. The dogs love it. Watching them bound through the fields is great therapy and I have to stop and feel sorry for those without dogs, or fields. The fact that all of this is doctor's orders makes it even more fun. I wish everybody could take cold, crisp early-morning walks through pastures, afternoon strolls by the old barn, and amble through brightly-colored, dappled woods in the evenings. The world would surely be a better place. A few high-spirited canine companions also goes a long way to lightening spirits.

I was watching Martha Stewart earlier. She had an audience of elderly folks and some of the most interesting guests. One man was 101 and still playing tennis! A definite theme emerged as they all gave advice about aging well and staying healthy. It really is no secret. Eat well, stay active, keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself. One lady who was well into her 90's had an amazing garden and one high-energy little Jack Russell terrier who she accredits for much of her happiness and stamina. My grandmother's doctor recommended to her several months ago that she get a puppy or a kitten. She got a kitten in July and, I dare say, it has been one of the best medicines she's had in years. Love can heal and the love of a God-given creature with no prejudices or expectations of what they think you should be is some of the sweetest therapy for a lonely world. I think God knew that. He's pretty smart.

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