Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15

As I was seeking some peace and quiet this afternoon, I took my camera and set out to see what I could see. After walking all the way to the hay-barn, I rerouted myself back east to the woods. I was, more or less, wandering. There was a squirrel in a tree that distracted me from my original course, it's an attention deficit thing. I walked most of the north fence line and probably won't be able to sleep tonight for thinking of all the places that need patched.

I kept looking for a spot to sit. Since the ground is wet, I needed a rock or a stump but was having a hard time finding anything suitable. Several times I sat down just to get back up again and go somewhere else. It was very reminiscent of Goldilocks and the three bears. Finally I found a place. I was hidden somewhat by some brush and trees, there was a nice place for me to sit and so I took up camp there and waited. It wasn't long that I heard some leaves rustling. I could tell it was footsteps of some sort and it sounded like they were getting closer...I was thrilled at what could be headed my way. As the footsteps grew louder, I finally saw movement and low and behold, it was Kyle. He decided to come along and be my deer-spotting-guide.

He saw some deer just up the hill from where I was sitting so he asked me to follow him and we just might see them. This started a long walk, up-hill, in a crouched/sneak formation. It wasn't fun. He kept whispering orders and making hand signals that I had no idea what to make of. I just wanted to sit by myself in the quite evening...not go on some sniper mission with a 16-year-old drill sergeant.

We did see the deer, and they saw us. When all was said and done, I barely got a couple shots about 200 yards away and they were blurred. It was kind-of fun sneaking up on them, it just wasn't what I had planned. Kyle said he had some other stuff to do so I decided to go back up to Lightening Hill and sit on the ladder stand. It's amazing how much the view changes from a mere 10 feet. Finally, I was where I wanted to be. Quiet. Peace. Solitude. The light was fading pretty quickly and the air was turning colder by the minute. The chances of me seeing a deer were pretty slim now, so I just took in the view.

As the sun set, I was finally able to take my picture for the day. Sitting in an old oak tree and watching the sun set is just one of the conveniences that country living provides. I mean, I guess you could do it in Central Park too but... they may have laws about women with camera's sitting in trees??

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