Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20

Freedom comes in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it is that bill finally being paid off. It could be learning that bad news you were expecting wasn't so bad after all, overcoming a fear, cleaning out a closet, or giving up a bad habit. Freedom is also coming to a place in your life when you learn to be content in any situation. (Phil 4: 10-13).

There are some things in life, however, that give us freedom we never knew was possible.

This picture is a full-circle, monumental, freedom-filled moment.

When you are in a marriage, a real one, any and all pain your spouse may endure, you endure right along with them. The same goes for joy. Rodney, that sweet, dear, precious man was kept from his Aimee until just a few years ago. This was a great source of pain and heartache for him, so we grieved together. We always held out that hope that one day, she would be with us and we would be able to shower her with all the love we were never allowed to give her. There was fear that she wouldn't understand, wouldn't be able to forgive us, or simply not want to have anything to do with us. All our fears were laid to rest when we reconnected with her. What a reunion it was.

The very first time she came to the farm, it was as if she'd been here all along and, in a way, she always had been. Then, she brought along her sweet boyfriend, J.R., and we fell in love with him too. Those sweet things just moved into their very first home together. J.R. graduated from college in December and landed a really great job in Houston. The excitement of starting out in life together is palpable all the way in Arkansas. It's just got me thinking of those first few years with Rodney. Gosh, we were so completely oblivious to what we were doing. We just knew we loved each other and that was enough. Watching our Aimee set forth with her life and love is amazing and sweet. They are just so darn CUTE. My mom described Aimee well. She said, "she just oozes sweetness".

There really is no way to describe the feeling of things being made right. Words can't tell the relief and freedom that came flooding into our lives when Aimee bursted onto the scene. Love is a healer and our wounds from the past are all but gone. There is nothing left but love. Our family is complete now that this most vital piece has been put in place. I am blessed beyond measure to have the love of such a man as Rodney Barrett and, if I had to, I would cry every tear over again to come to the place that we are have our precious Aimee to love.

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