Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26

It is becoming increasingly apparent that I will not be posting a picture EVERY day nor will I be capable of writing about anything other than Emma. How did this happen? When did my life become so completely entangled with a dog?

I know I've written more than once about our mornings around here. They are filled with coffee, breakfast and chit-chatting at the table. Mornings also include a lot of "Emma's a precious baby! Is Emma so hungry? Did Emma sleep good? Emma likes biscuits and gravy. Is Emma so tired?" and on and on we go. The kids are practically grown, they leave the house early and our affections are directed towards Emma. Most of the time, after she is convinced that breakfast is over, she will curl up and take her morning puppy nap. We actually discussed this at length this morning because we have calves to get penned and were concerned with whatever shall we do with Emma. "She'll be ready for her morning puppy nap soon", I explained and then I got tickled at the whole scenario.

While I was getting dressed for the day, I glanced in the bedroom to see Emma curled up in a pool of sunlight, resting her head on a pillow. Not being able to resist the urge to kiss a sun-warmed boxer cheek, I got down on the floor with her and began a snuggle-fest, which soon turned into a wrestling match. It escalated from there until we were completely lost in puppy-play. She jumped up on the bed, head down, butt up, looking oh-so chipper and playful. I then started to play a little game with her. Since she was on the bed, she couldn't really reach me since I was standing on the floor. I stayed just close enough that she couldn't jump off the bed and just far enough away that she couldn't reach me. It was so amusing to me that I kept luring her towards me while she could do nothing about it but reach out with her paws just to become more exacerbated and confused. I was laughing at her and taunting her as she was clearly trying to figure this whole thing out. Then, th th then, this was horrible (name that movie). She looked at me, eyes fixed and determined and leapt off the bed like an olympic diver doing a swan dive. My reflexes kicked in and I jumped out of the way of this crazed 45 pound boxer flying through the room at my face. She flew past me and crashed into the side of my antique vanity. I was immediately concerned that she had injured herself but couldn't quite tell because my eyes were too squinted with laughter. She jumped back on the bed like "I meant to do that" while she was blinking one eye because it had just met the wall.

She is completely fine. Nothing broke on her or the vanity, or the wall. I had to immediately go tell Rodney what had just happened and a very dramatic reenactment ensued in the kitchen. I could barely tell it for laughing as I demonstrated the exact style of her swan dive. I must have told it pretty well because Rodney became hysterical too. We patted her head and gave her kisses then sent her on her merry way. It is just these kind of things that make life grand. A silly dog, a funny story, and people to share it with.

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