Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5

I decided to post a video today as well as a picture. Today is the day I get my new phone which has a much superior camera than the one I now have, 8 megapixels! . I am anticipating being able to upload pictures and blog from the phone as well as my macbook. It is beyond exciting.

I have been enjoying my elliptical but have been negligent in using it daily. One of the best things about it is that I can burn 500 calories in just over a half hour, or so it says. This morning was so beautiful out, I really wanted to get out and walk, so I did. Plus, it is so exciting for the dogs. Having four of them creates quite a spectacle, that is if we happened to have spectators. We see the occasional deer or rabbit. This morning we happened upon a flock of wild turkeys which, I'm sure, will be the highlight of the day for my little pack.

What a motley little pack they are. Faith is hilarious to watch but also inspiring. Her ears and nose are incredible navigational machines. Sophie and Charlotte love the walk. Since we haven't been much lately, they've both gained weight (just like Mom) and we all are moving a little slower. Usually, Sophie and Charlotte serve as little more than glorified couch cushions but if they see me putting on my tennis shoes, they are ready to go.

And then... there is Emma.
If dogs have souls, she and I are definitely soul mates. I really hate to say that I have a "favorite", but we most assuredly have developed quite a bond. I'm pretty sure they all know it too. For one thing, to me, Emma is exquisite. It is almost like owning a very beautiful, rare artifact. One that, when you touch it, exudes some magnificent energy... like it should be in a museum. Her soft shiny fur that wrinkles up when she lays down, those rubbery, floppy, gorilla jowls, her big droopy eyes, the way she stands at attention and looks so regal.

But, it is her personality that I love best. I asked her the other day if she had stumbled upon Eddie's spirit because she sure was acting just like him. Everything is a game to Emma. She is such a comedian. I love that when she finally tires out in the evening, she will creep up into my lap (all of her) until I can do nothing but cuddle and kiss. I even have to make people do stuff for me, "can you get me a drink? I can't get up." It's just horrible. We like to give her face massages, that's what we call it anyway. It is a method of taking her head in both hands and kneading and squeezing until she looks like a fat little chinaman. She seems to enjoy it and it is always good for a laugh.

My life is beyond blessed. Being a dog owner has brought me so much happiness. And, being a "boxer mom" has been a great lesson in joy, in taking pleasure in the littlest things, and in learning to be much more carefree.

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