Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6

There are few things in life that provide as much sheer, unadulterated joy for me as does opening a package. This rapture is greatly heightened should the box contain something that promises to have buttons, light up, and emit random bleeps and clicks. The day I got my macbook was a monumental moment in my life. I'd been tracking the package for days, knew that day that it was "on truck for delivery", words that send my head whirling, whether it's a computer or a box of colored pencils. We live so far out that there is never any traffic, so it is always apparent when a vehicle is approaching, especially a the FedEx man. I'd been waiting all day to hear the rumble of that truck and began jumping up and down when he began his approach. This is when the kids thought I'd lost my mind and I started to wonder about my own sanity.

Well, yesterday, another exciting package new phone. Up until now, I've stuck to the simple "feature phones", for simple calling and texting purposes. I made the decision to upgrade to a "smartphone" and pay the extra 29.99 a month to have unlimited access to data and to have a really cool phone in my hands. Rodney and I had an appointment yesterday afternoon, about the time the FedEx man usually comes so I left a note on the door instructing Mr. FedEx to please leave my package inside the door, or should he require a signature that it could be delivered to my parents house. I was still quite anxiety-filled about the whole thing. I texted Taylor to let her know the package was due to arrive and that it very well could be in the door, or, if he arrived after she was home from school, she could accept it. I also texted in all-caps...DO NOT OPEN THE BOX! She called me a dork or something, but I new she would obey.

I had texted several times, both Taylor and Kyle, until it was confirmed that the "eagle had landed". Knowing that my beautiful package was safely awaiting my arrival greatly reduced my stress and allowed me to enjoy the rest of my outing with Rodney. When we got home I dove into the box with delight and pulled out this sleek, shiny little phone. From the moment it initially lit with quite a beautiful lights and sound display, to the time I finally put it down... about 1:00 am, I was fully emerged in electronic ecstasy. Only a few times did I get somewhat frustrated as I began to navigate my way around this odd new format.

All of this technology is, in theory, supposed to make our lives easier, even simplify daily tasks. And, in my opinion, it has. It is amazing that I can click a button and instantly see the long-range forecast, message a friend that lives in a different state, keep in touch with my kids, take a picture or video, get directions (something I need badly in my life), set an alarm, and listen to my favorite music. All this in a tiny device that fits in my hand. However, as I was lost in all of this last night, Kyle was getting ready to go to bed and asked a couple times for me to give him a hug, which I heard but didn't hear. Then he said, semi-jokingly, "do you love your new phone more than me?" So, I put it down, stood up and embraced my boy, my boy who is now over 6 inches taller than I am and must bend down to hug his momma. We stood there for a good 30 seconds and I stopped to remember what is really important in life.

While all this new technology may be an incredible way to multitask, it sure can't give you a hug. Especially not one of those big ol bear hugs that my son can dish out. So, I am promising myself to keep my focus where it needs to be and try not to overload on screen time. Speaking of which...I need to get the heck off this computer.

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