Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Breaking Free

I don't know what day I'm on in my journey. I've decided that it's foolishness to try and keep track. Today is today, now is now.

In a sort-of ironic twist, I've started a bible study called Breaking Free. It is a Beth Moore study and there is a wonderful group of women meeting on Monday nights to receive a word and then we each have 5 days of homework throughout the week. It is proving to be quite a revelation and I can already feel the chains breaking.

Somehow the thought of freedom scares me a little bit. I've been in bondage for so long, it's where I feel comfortable. I'm quickly learning that this is a tactic that the enemy uses to keep us there. He invites us to make peace with our bondage, to think "this is just the way I am" and so be it.

The definition that we've learned of the word stronghold is this, "anything that hinders us from living the abundant, liberated life God has planned for us". Well, I have a big long list of these and wasn't even aware that they were strongholds.

This week is week 4. We were promised in our session last night that this weeks homework would be the hardest in terms of depth and that God was going to "get in our business" and that we should let Him. I will attempt to share some of my insights and, hopefully, lightbulb moments of revelation as I walk this path.

This is all exciting and scary, but that usually means that He is about to do something big in my life. I'm ready for something big.

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