Monday, March 28, 2011


A few years ago I went on a "girls weekend" with my mom, aunts, cousins and close friends. There were about 10 of us in all. We stayed at Canyon Lake in a lake house belonging to a friends sister. We did the typical girl stuff. We ate spinach dip, talked, laughed, talked about the girls that didn't come, ate some more spinach dip, went for walks, went shopping, and finished off the spinach dip. On the day we went on our shopping excursion, we all piled in Mom's Yukon and drove into Gruene, Tx. It's kind-of a little village more than a town, with live music, lots of cool little shops, wineries, quaint restaurants
and lots and lots of people.

As we were approaching this cute little artsy village, we noticed a whole lot of people on bicycles, then we saw a sign indicating that it was some annual bike-a-thon thing. These people were everywhere. We were creeping into town quite slowly because of all the bike traffic when we started heading up a fairly steep hill. Ahead of us was a lady on a bike who had to have weighed a good 200 pounds but she was on that bike and peddling up that hill, struggling all the way. There were a few remarks in the vehicle like, "oh, bless her heart" and "I don't think she's gonna make it". Then my friend Barbara rolled down her window and started shouting, "GO, GO!" Then we all rolled our windows down and started cheering and clapping "Wooo Hoooo, Go Go!!" Amazingly she started to peddle harder and as we passed her, you could clearly see a look of determination on her face. When she made it to the top there were triumphant cheers from our little group. Some lady, who's name we do not know, inspired us that day. Not because she was perfect but because she overcame a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

I broke down this morning and spent $1.99 on an iPhone app from Nike. Now I'm really glad I did. I can post the beginning of a walk/run on facebook and then as I'm walking I will hear cheers when anyone "likes" or comments on my post. I was a dork and "liked" my own silly post so that I could here the cheering. But, as I was hauling my body around the loop this morning, several times I heard the cheers and it spurred me on. I didn't even know who it was until I got home and checked. I raised my hands in the air like Rocky when I heard them, then I looked around to make sure nobody was watching. Nobody was.

Thank you to those of you who cheered me on. Be looking for my posts daily and you'll know that a comment or a like will cause my hands to automatically shoot up in the air and my pace to quicken...almost like having a "Jenni remote".

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