Friday, April 29, 2011

Counting Blessings

My dear friend, Tori, posted a blog today about the things she's thankful for in the midst of a whirlwind of life-stresses. Since I woke up in a really crappy mood and have been feeling sorry for myself for a million ridiculous reasons, I was moved to tears reading her thanksgivings for the simple things. So, I decided it might behoove me to try and do the same. Here goes...

  1. The farm is overwhelming with pressing responsibilities. I am thankful that I have a job.
  2. All the recent, terrible weather and devastation of tornadoes did not touch this family or this farm.
  3. Taylor's escapade to the ER yesterday was only for an ovarian cyst and not appendicitis or something worse.
  4. My house is a mess because it is full of people and animals that I love. It is lived in, and I would rather be in the middle of chaos with my family than sitting in a perfectly clean house, alone. God is teaching me that peace and serenity is within, not without.
  5. The sun is shining today
  6. While I'm inwardly freaking out about the quickly-approaching empty nest, I've become so remarkably aware of how blessed I've been with these two glorious children.
  7. The goat that has been so sick with ketosis is back out with the herd and amazingly better. I'm thankful for penicillin.
  8. Emma's fence transmitter was fried by a lightening surge but another one is on the way. I'm thankful for
  9. In about ten minutes, Rodney will be here to pick me up to go get a hamburger in town. I also have to drop off a check at the hardware store for a friend who is ordering me BeautiControl products and then go to the post office to mail Taylor's graduation invitations. Everybody at the Lighthouse (hamburger joint), hardware store, and post office knows me and I know them. I am thankful to live in a small town.
  10. Rodney called me earlier just to tell me how cute I was driving down the road in the tractor with Emma running along side. I'm thankful for the love of such a man as that.
  11. I've gotten "just because" texts from both my kids this morning. I'm thankful for instant communication. This is really going to be awesome when they leave home.
  12. I'm also thankful that I can pause for a few minutes out of my day and ponder my thanksgivings, write them down and share them with others. And I'm thankful for friends who inspire me to do this, who brighten my day even when it may not be there intention.
Now back off to the races. One million and one things to do...and here comes my ride.

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  1. You inspire me, too. We've got mutual inspiration society going! :) Much love and thankfulness for you ~T