Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why is this happening to me?

I've had this little knot in my right shoulder for several years. It set up camp and annoys me periodically. Rodney gently kneads it when it gets cranky and I'm usually good to go. Sometimes a muscle relaxer is in order but that is rare.

Last night, it started to get pretty mad before bed. I got a nice massage from my husband and we went off to bed. About 4:00 this morning, I experienced something that can only be described as somebody pinning me to the mattress with a hot fire poker. The pain was so intense that I could not get out of the position I was in so I squirmed and flailed about writhing in agony. When I finally moved myself to a sitting position, the pain did not subside. I got up, walked around aimlessly, attempting to let this thing relax. Didn't happen.

I took a muscle relaxer, grabbed a heating pad, propped my pillows up behind me and tried to get comfortable and prayed to God to make this stop. Sometime after that I fell asleep but awoke with excruciating pain. I got my iPhone and started to look up "pain under right shoulder blade". After some research, it's got to be a pinched nerve, severe muscle strain, or tear. With all the coughing and nose blowing I've been doing, I guess I've upset something seriously. I cannot recall anything quite so painful.

So, I'm wondering what God is doing to me. Why the pain? So I'll appreciate painlessness? I feel like crying. I feel like a whipped puppy. Rodney and the kids are working at the chicken houses while I sit here trying not to die. I'm useless. My perception is, no doubt, somewhat askew because of the pain and the muscle relaxer. Typing this is not helping.

If anybody has any knowledge of what this might be or how in the world to get some relief, I'd love to hear about it. Other than that, pray for some relief.

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