Friday, July 29, 2011


Every time I start back to working out and eating right, I gain weight the first week. I know that there is some sort of physiological explanation about muscles, water, fat, and hormones but it always makes me want to cry. This is the part when a person needs the force. I've been walking, zumba-ing, and eliptical-ing all week. There have been good days and bad days with food. I'm attempting to give myself a cut-off time in the evening but have only kept my promise one day this week, partly because it is summer and we tend to not eat until late anyway...and partly because I am weak and sad.

This morning, I got up at 5:30 because Emma and Faith were barking their heads off right outside my bedroom window. My first solution to the problem was to turn up my ambience noise but no matter how loud I turned it, I couldn't tune them out. So, I got up, put on my glasses and went out to see what the heck was going on. As soon as I opened the door, Emma looked at me like, "OH my GOSH are never going to believe what we have!" She was so happy, she's always happy. There was obviously something in the tree but I couldn't tell what it was and figured it was just one of my poor kitties. I came back in and got the flashlight and when I shined it up in the tree, a masked face was staring back at me pretending to be invisible. I quieted the dogs and the coon slowly made it's way down the tree, ran for it's life and made it to the next tree. Then, he shimmied down that tree and ran to the next tree. I figured this could go on for a while so I decided to leave them to their game. At least they were further away from the bedroom window now. I tried to go back to sleep but, no luck.

Since I was already awake, I went walking very early this morning. I tried to jog a little but, for some reason, my body wasn't cooperating and I felt like an old person...and looked like I'd just escaped a violent prison break. When I got home and Rodney asked how my walk was, I reenacted my attempt at jogging and got a good laugh out of him. Sometimes the ability to laugh at how ridiculous life is sometimes is the only path to sanity.

So, I'm one week down and up a pound and a half. This week will be better. One day, one pound, one ounce, one walk, one step, one good decision, one moment at a time.

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