Thursday, July 21, 2011

9 months

First off, I am NOT having a baby. However, 9 months from today, we will be adding a very special person to our family. Aimee is getting married 9 months from today to her sweetheart, J.R., and we are thrilled. I'm not sure yet how involved I'll be in planning or helping, Rodney and I are simply prepared to do whatever is needed to support the lovely couple.

I'm about to sound extremely narcissistic but this is my blog and it's where I write about, well, me. My long term goal (in my little head) was to be at my goal-weight by my 40th birthday which is in 9 months... plus a year. Now, I'm desperately thinking that my long term plan has been shortened by a year. A wedding on the beach in the spring is definitely motivation for me to get my butt in gear.

I'm not starting from scratch by any means, but I've got a long way to go and I'm ready to get with it. For those of you who were cheering me on my Nike runs on Facebook and now think I've completely quit, I am still walking *some* but have decided that posting my route on the internet (especially since I'm out in the middle of nowhere) was a bad idea. I'm not sure exactly what I am afraid of but it has something to do with hillbillies jumping out of the bushes and attacking me or vandals being notified that my house would be vacant for 45 minutes. I've also noticed that my weight loss ticker now says that I haven't updated it in over 80 days and is asking me to update it lest some cosmic force is thrown our of alignment. I'll be doing that tomorrow, again.

So, armed with new motivation, I'm stepping it up a notch. I'm actually looking forward to kicking my own butt and I'm sure, if you read this blog, you'll be hearing about it. 9 months will go by very quickly but I can do it...I CAN DO IT!

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