Friday, July 22, 2011

and start all over again...

I took the big step this morning and weighed myself. The Wii said it had been 171 days since I last did a body test and I'm proud to announce that I've lost a whopping .9 pounds. That is POINT nine. So, it looks like I'm starting from scratch. The good news is that I'm not + any pounds.

I re-watched the Oprah show which was about being 20 years younger. I love Bob Green. It was his plan I followed when I was successful before. The thing about success, however, is not merely touching the goal line and then heading on back the way you came. This is, apparently, what I did. I'm not at my heaviest but I've crept back in my dark little hole and am fighting to get out and stay out.

This is just to announce that things are about to get cranking around my camp. I'm excited about it and trying very hard to fight off fear. Fear of being in pain, fear of failure, fear of who-knows-what! I've heard before that sometimes you have to just do the thing before you start to feel inspiration. If you sit around waiting for something to inspire're probably not going to go anywhere. Nike has the right idea, "Just Do It". So, that's what I'm going to do.

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