Friday, August 5, 2011

A positive negative

I was really nervous about my weekly weigh-in this morning. I've had a really good week, working out, eating right , counting calories but...nervous just the same.

It may be time for me to invest in a good weight scale instead of having to go through the torment of the body test with wii fit. It is just so humiliating for that squeaky little chipmunk voice to tell you you're overweight.

The good thing about weighing myself this way is that I'm not tempted to get on the scale every morning and judge myself.

This morning was a triumph. -2 pounds!

This is my reference for what one pound looks like. If I only think of the number, I can easily become discouraged. But if I think of a pound as 4 sticks of butter, it is something I can rejoice about.

I'm down 8 sticks of butter in one week! This is good. It is very good.

I also feel amazing. A calorie restrictive diet is awesome for mental clarity and feeling lighter. That is the reason for the picture at the top. In just a couple of weeks, I'm already feeling ethereal and light. I know I have a long way to go, but picking up momentum and making progress, even in small amounts, is changing my perspective.

There is much more to say, but I am also restricted on time these days. The heat and lack of rain have us very busy on the farm.

Can't wait to see how many sticks of butter will be subtracted next Friday!

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