Friday, September 16, 2011

Another level

I've still been doing the 30-day shred, even though I started well over 30 days ago. The last week has been intermittent, although I have been walking/running or doing Zumba on the days that I've not done the shred. Level three is really hard!

My next personal level is going to be a big one that I will be blogging about daily when I start it. I spent most of the day in the house today because my neck and upper back are completely out of whack and, it was raining. This gave me a lot of time to watch some Netflix movies. I was choosing movies I'd not seen before and ones that had above a five-star rating. I ended up watching, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead". If you haven't seen it, it is very inspirational. It follows two different men as they do a juice fast and recommit their lives to being healthy. The results are phenomenal, even to the point where both men were able to get off of all their prescription drugs.

Since the scale hasn't budged and a good round of self-discipline would be good for me, I'm going to do a 10-day juice fast. The juicer has been ordered and I'm looking into where to buy produce less expensively. They say that the first few days are rough and people tend to get cranky but that about day 4 you start to feel amazing. Feeling amazing sounds like it would be worth the effort.

All this exercise has helped me feel better, don't get me wrong. I can run further and sweat better and am feeling clearer in my brain. This is just to give me a boost to reboot my body. I'm actually very excited about it. When the juicer gets here, I will begin the fast. The blog should get more interesting as I navigate my way through the in's and out's of this whole thing. The hardest part is going to be giving up coffee. I'll explain more as I go about the why's and wherefores of juicing. If you are interested, you can click on the link in the 2nd paragraph and it will take you to the site for the movie and give you access to a lot of info.

30 pounds doesn't sound like that much but I feel like it is going to be the biggest hurdle of my life. I really thought that I'd be half way there by now. I'm not giving up. This is my Goliath and I'm about to go find me some nice stones in the river.

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