Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Juice Fast Day 1 and a half

Well, it tastes like it looks. Kinda like grass.

The juicer arrived yesterday about 1:30, right as I was about the eat some lunch. Instead of eating anything, I was way too excited to start juicing, which is what I did. So, I broke out the carrots, celery, apples and cucumber and made me a concoction. The taste was fresh and nice and I immediately thought that this was going to be a breeze.

About 4:15, Dad and I left the farm to go to our final beekeeping class - where they served hamburgers and hot dogs. I was still feeling confident that I would have no part of those processed foods, until my belly started growling. I grabbed myself a glass of ice water and sat down at our table. Dad came over with a plate of food which had a nice helping of beans. "They have beans??" So, I decided that I'd not officially started the fast and that beans were ok. There was also coleslaw available which I quickly discerned was definitely permissible. I ate lightly until my belly quieted down a bit and I could at least pay attention and learn about every bee disease imaginable. Those poor things endure a lot.

The class wasn't over until 9:00 and we still had to go to Walmart on the way home. My belly was really fine at this point. My head, however, was not. Not a headache, not a tumor, not a gunshot wound...but a revelation of how acute my case of self-indulgence really is. It had not been 7 hours and I was already about to grab a bag of Doritos and slam my face in it. Not that I even like Doritos all that much, but the fact that I'd taken them completely off the list of foods that I can eat made them oh-so enticing. Everything looked enticing. My flesh is weak, oh how weak it is.

I began to think that this is not going to be a simple challenge of body, but of mind and spirit. I'm going to have to have Jesus for sure. When I so boldly announced that the fast would be a 10-day stretch, it sounded easy enough. I'm not even into it 24 hours and I want out. But, I am willing to be the guinea pig (I just spelled guinea correctly the first time!!).

Last night, as I was filling my buggy with every vegetable (and misspelled vegetable) that I could possible conceive of drinking in juice form, I wasn't just thinking about me, but about the 3 people that would read my blog and be inspired. "You can't let your readers down!" So, I am going to do my best to stick it out for 10 days. The hardest part is that I'm not supposed to have any caffeine or alcohol. That green crap would sure go down better with a little vodka in it. But, I'm supposed to be detoxing as well as boosting my weight loss. Instead of coffee this morning, I had a cup of hot green tea (which is allowed). Rodney sat right there and drank his coffee in front of me while I had a glass of grass juice and green tea, the jerk!

Also, the guy checking out behind me last night was purchasing three items; a loaf of white bread, a package of donuts, and a box of sugar cookies and, I judged him. I sat atop my green leafy, high horse, ivory tower and looked down upon him in shame. I heard that this fast can cause a vast array of not nice emotions, this could be fun.

If I ever "forget" to have my coffee in the morning, a migraine ensues by mid-day. It's getting close to noon and I can already feel it's pangs. Hopefully it won't be too terrible. It just makes me wonder what the heck my body is addicted to if I can't go 24 hours without it lest I suffer great physical pain? I'm going to fill the rest of my day with busyness. My list of unfinished projects is longer than usual since I've been preoccupied else ware for the past several days. I'm feeling like the little engine that could, but that "I think I can" is followed by a big fat question mark. Pray for me.

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