Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's a new day

Since bow season has started, I rerouted my walk. I actually began wondering why I wasn't traveling this way the whole time. The hills are fairly consistent and the road is smoother with a lot more trees lining the road. It's just prettier. Also, instead of a 3 mile walk, I'm now going 4. Except, for this morning.

I headed out bright and early while the sun was barely up, not on foot but on Kyle's bicycle. It just seemed like a great morning for a bicycle ride. And it was. Since I was able to go further faster on my new mode of transportation, I just kept right on going. When I was a kid, we used to go down to the creek all the time and swim. I figured I'd already gone this far,(and I realize that I sound like Forrest Gump right now) I'd go ahead and find the creek and let the dogs play and refresh themselves in the water.

Things looked a lot different than they did the last time I'd been down that road, funny how that happens. We came to the bridge (which was not there when we were kids) and stopped to rest. The problem was, everything was so grown up, we couldn't find our way down to the water. As I was trying to navigate over rocks and through trees, I heard a big SPLASH! I knew immediately what had happened. Poor Faith walked right off the edge of the bridge and into the water. Luckily, there was still plenty of water and she swam right out and was no worse for the wear. It was really frustrating that the bushes and trees were so thick that we couldn't get down to the water. Then I remembered that we passed an old road just up the hill that looked like it headed down to the water as well. So I made my way just about a hundred feet back up the road and found the old road. It went right down to the water. This was the road we'd used when we were kids. It's the same place we got my dad's mail truck stuck in the middle of the creek once. We didn't tell him that until just a few years ago.

The dogs drank, and ran, and smelled, and sniffed. I traversed a few rocks to find a nice quite place to sit. Long story short, this is where I found myself about 8:00 am this morning.

I think I could have stayed there all day long.

I texted Rodney and had him come pick us up because, well, I'd gone so far and really didn't want to have to bike back up that big hill that led down to the water. The dogs were exhausted and, Rodney was just a text away.

When he got to us, we loaded up the dogs...all except for Emma. She was still on some sort of hunting mission and could not stop running. So, we just took off and let her run behind us. I told Rodney, "she's gonna have a heart attack!" to which he responded by starting to sing Billy Joel's, Movin Out (Anthony's song)... heart attack ack ack ack ack ack... and then rewrote the lyrics by singing, if you want to play some hacky-sack which caused about 5 minutes of laughter.

We got home and let the dogs out. Emma made her way up the drive, face covered in our dust. I gave her a nice drink from the hose and rinsed her little feet off. She is now taking a very sound puppy-nap. My day is going to be full and busy, but I've had an incredible morning. And, I'm feelin good!

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