Saturday, April 21, 2012

A list of things...

Since I haven't blogged in a while I was going to sit down and write a short novel about the last couple of months. Then I decided I didn't want to have to use my brain, my fingers, or my thesaurus that much. Instead, I have decided to make a tidy list of events...

Here goes:
(these are in no particular order and are not to scale) 

Kyle turned 18. Rodney and I congratulated each other with a high-five.

The goats ate my ferns, my kale and my petunias. I cried. 

Emma got a booboo on her shoulder when she went running through the woods like a banshee while her fence was temporarily out of order. 

We drove to Port Aransas to celebrate Aimee and J.R.'s wedding. The wind blew. 

We ate at Whataburger. 

I got a new puppy. 

We finished the cross-fence, worked cattle and moved them to the north pasture. I got kicked and so did Rodney. Ingrates. 

Saw some old friends we hadn't seen in years. 

I turned 39...not 40. 

Mowing season started and all my freckles popped back out. 

April 17th was 6 months of sobriety for me. 

I actually went shopping and bought a dress. (only because I was forced to)

I stabbed the back of my hand with a 12 gauge cow needle that was sticking up out of the dish drain while I was straining goat cheese. It bled, but not on the cheese. 

Sold all my boy baby goats and the older does with udder problems. I cried again. 

Started memorizing the book of James. 

Bought a new tackle box and some bobbers. (definitely more my kind of shopping)

Tilled the garden, twice. 

Started work on a gate for our driveway to keep the goats out so I can actually have more than just well-tilled dirt in my garden. 

Thought I couldn't possibly love my husband any more than I already did...I was wrong. 

Drove to Hot Springs like 20 times. 

Gave myself a pedicure. 

Played dominoes with Rodney. 

Weedeated about 50 miles of fence row and around chicken houses. More crying.

Had a birthday party for all the "April" birthday's at my parent's house. Ate cake. 

Ate more cake. 

There are various and sundry events that are not listed. I can't think of them now, but I'm sure they happened. 

Peace and love! 

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