Friday, July 27, 2012

One Another

I'm going to begin this particular blog by simply stating that I'm a conservative. If a label has to be slapped on me, I guess that's the one I'd pick as far as politics are concerned anyway. I try to keep an open mind on every issue so that I can be well informed and make a decision based on my convictions as a human and as a Christian.

What is happening? I can't get on Facebook or watch TV without a barrage of hate and negativity. Has it always been this way and I'm just now waking up to it or is there, in-fact, an escalating current of side-taking going on? It just seems like people are so mad, so determined to be "right" that humanity is getting lost in the argument. I really wish that, despite our differences of opinion, we could at least be nice. The ironic thing is that the folks declaring "tolerance" and "love" are the ones that seem to be doing the most bashing. I've seen plenty from the conservative side too. So much animosity.

And, having said is my side.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why anybody would think that gun-control would be a good idea. Where and when in history has that ever worked out? Or socialism?? If somebody could actually show me an example of where that has worked, I'd really love to know. I believe that abortion is murder, pretty sure you're not going to talk me out of that one. I'm on the fence, at the moment, about gay-marriage but still completely support traditional marriage (and I don't think that makes me intolerant or ignorant either).

I don't understand why it's ok to be in support of an "alternative view" on anything...but as soon as somebody stands up and says, "I like the traditional way of things", people label you as an idiot. Maybe I am an idiot for working hard for my living and not wanting to give my money to those who could give a crap. Perhaps I'm crazy for cherishing the bonds of marriage with my husband and believing that's the way God intended marriage. Maybe I'm a close-minded freak for being appalled and crushed that innocent babies are being chopped up and tossed in dumpsters and we've put it on the shelf as a "political issue" and not labeled the genocide and holocaust that it really is. I guess I'm an ignorant redneck for wanting to defend the constitution and not have my rights stripped away from me and my means of protection stolen.

No, I've been given too much freedom for too long to stand idly by and let somebody come and take it from me. I also believe that the majority of us crazy, freedom-loving American's feel the same way. And that is when it gets scary. People WILL most definitely defend their freedom when it is threatened and that, I'm afraid, is when war happens.

Why can't the government just leave us alone and let us do our job? Why is it wrong for me to have a job??? Why am I looked down upon by the have-nots? If I work and struggle and break my back to make a living, why is it the view of some that I should fork over a good portion of the small amount of money I do have to somebody who doesn't even WANT to work? Why can't I be charitable on my terms and to whom I know needs help? Who is the government to decide that for me? It is so very confusing.

And then, I am called to the most difficult task of all. Love.

I believe the bible and all that it says. If that makes me ignorant then I chose to be a complete and total moron because, I believe. The greatest commandment Jesus gave is for us to "love one another". Even further, he said to love your enemy... even those with different opinions from you. If I just love all the people that are easy to love, I really am not doing anything new there (he said that too).

So it comes down to love. It breaks my heart to love a person that doesn't love me back but I'm certain that every broken place is exactly where I am being healed and loved by my creator. If I stand on my opinion and spout out hate to people who hate me, I'm only joining in with what I oppose. Being hated because of beliefs is nothing new in our day. It is exactly why they crucified Jesus. He was shaking things up and bunking peoples thinking with all his crazy talk of love. And, they murdered him. How much more love can one person have than to forgive his torturers. To pray for their souls in the midst of his scourging. And he commanded us to love each other with that kind of love.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34

Despite political differences and opinions, I chose to love. I heard a sermon recently where the preacher talked about this. He said that it really does take a big burden off of us when we quit trying to decide who to love and who not to. We just choose to love everybody and then we don't have that responsibility of choice anymore. It made perfect sense to me and I actually felt a lightening of spirit with that simple everyone.

The liberals,
the haters,
the abortionists,
the terrorists,
the shooter,
the victims,
the drug-addicts,
the lazy,
the abusers,
the abused,
the tea-party,
the "occupy" group,
the educated,
the ignorant,
the wealthy,
the poor,
the sick,
the mean,
the sweet,
the ugly,
the pretty,
 the black,
the white,
the Christian
and the atheist.

I will be criticized (perhaps not publicly) for my views on this. My political views aren't even the issue. The issue is that we can all differ greatly in our opinions and still have the capacity to love. It happens when we are filled to overflowing with the love of Christ. That is when love pours out simply because love is all there is to give. My task is working on filling my cup so that it pours out on you

and you

and you.

And, my cup is the only one for which I am responsible.

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